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TOKYO Resilience Project-Aiming for “Safety for the Next 100 Years”-NEW

We introduce Tokyo’s urban development for overseas markets, which is adaptable to climate change, resilient, and sustainable.


Tokyo is strengthening its “disaster preparedness” to become a safe and resilient international city. This pamphlet and video introduces Tokyo’s disaster preparedness with a focus on wind and flood countermeasures, a theme common to the entire world.

TOKYO Resilience Project

The “TOKYO Resilience Project” aims to ensure the safety and security of its residents against five risks: windstorms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, power and communication disruptions, infectious diseases.

CNN feature Article

A tie-in article with CNN on the TOKYO Resilience Project is available.

Below are Japanese materials only

TOKYO Resilience Project upgrade ⅠNEW

We have strengthened and upgraded both hard and soft measures to ensure that we are on the path to achieving our policy goals for the 2040s.

Promotional video

This easy-to-understand video, utilizing computer graphics, introduces the threats Tokyo faces and the Project initiatives.

Kyoko and Manabu’s TOKYO STORY
(3 episodes)

This short drama series follows the new life of two young people with opposite personalities: the strong-minded “Kyoko” and the optimistic “Manabu.” Learn about disaster preparedness through this fun story.

Pamphlet (Children’s Version)<Fiscal year 2022 edition>

Total 7 pages

This easy-to-understand pamphlet is designed for children and their families to learn about the details and countermeasures for five types of crises: severe floods and storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, disruption of power and communications, and infectious diseases.

5-minute introduction to the TOKYO Resilience Project<Fiscal year 2022 edition>

Total 18 pages

This illustrated booklet introduces the project details in an easy-to-understand manner. Have a look if you would like to learn more about the project.

Disaster Prevention Quest (PR Tokyo, extra issue)

Disaster Prevention Quest: Can You Come Home?”, the first extra issue of PR Tokyo, is a role-playing game that allows readers to learn disaster prevention knowledge while having fun. It also introduces “Disaster Prevention Survival Recipes” prepared by Ryuji, a cooking expert, as a sub-project.

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