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Date:2024/07/24Application deadline:2024/06/28 Venue:Tokyo Metropolitan Citizens Hall (Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Hall, 1st floor) 2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

July is River Protection Month. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold the following symposium to deepen knowledge about the rivers in Tokyo. Please come along and participate.

Date and time

July 24th (Wednesday) 14:00-16:30
*End time may change depending on progress on the day.


Tokyo Metropolitan Citizens Hall (Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Hall, 1st floor) 2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

Number of applicants

200 people in person (also available online)

Theme: Creating a vibrant and lively waterfront space

Tokyo’s rivers used to be far removed from people’s lives due to factors such as concrete levees separating the river from the city and the deterioration of water quality. However, in recent years, the construction of super levees and riverside terraces has improved hydrophilicity and water quality, leading to increased utilization of river spaces.
This symposium will use the latest knowledge to consider “creating vibrant waterfront spaces,” and will also learn about measures necessary to protect lives from flooding when utilizing river spaces.

Keynote Speech

Takeyoshi Chibana (Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
Member of the “Committee for the Study of Waterfront Development for the Future of Tokyo”

Mr. Takeyoshi Chibana

“Know the river, be interested in the river, see the river, and get involved with the river.”

I assume that anyone reading this has some interest in rivers. Some are interested in river creatures, water quality, history, and scenery, some are afraid of floods, and some want to do something related to rivers.
If you gain new knowledge about rivers, it may spark new interest, and with even more new knowledge, your perspective on rivers may change. I only know a small part of rivers, but I hope to share as many different perspectives on rivers as possible, and to inspire everyone to want to get involved with rivers.

Special lecture

Miki Katayama (weather forecaster and disaster prevention specialist)
Currently appearing on NHK General TV’s “Metropolitan Network,” “Weather Information 1154,” and “Weather Information 1853”

Ms. Miki Katayama

“How to safely interact with rivers and protect lives from increasing weather disasters”

Tokyo’s rivers create beautiful scenery. They are essential places for us to relax, but the situation can change dramatically in the event of a disaster. In recent years, record-breaking heavy rains have become more frequent due to the effects of global warming, and the risk of river flooding cannot be ignored. Summer is a season when waterside accidents increase in particular. What measures are necessary to protect lives from flooding? Why not learn about disaster prevention weather information that can be used to protect lives from disasters and preparations that individuals can make, and reconsider how you interact with our beautiful rivers?

Application method

What you need

  • Names and ages of all participants (please include furigana. Up to 5 people per application)
  • Representative’s address
  • telephone number
  • Email address (if you have one)
  • How to participate (in person or online)


2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Construction, River Department, Planning Division, Environmental Planning Section

The deadline

Friday, June 28 (postmark and receipt on that day is valid)

You can find out more about the program and how to apply online on our website.
If the number of applicants exceeds the number of applicants, a lottery will be held (regardless of whether a lottery is held or not, the results will be announced around 10 days after the application deadline)

Childcare services

On the day of the symposium (from 1:30 pm until the end), we will be able to look after preschool children aged 6 months or older. If you wish to use this service, please indicate in your application how many children you will have and that you would like to use childcare services.
However, as there is a limit to the number of people we can accommodate, we may not be able to take care of your children. For more information, please check the website above.

Handling of personal information, etc.

Applicants’ personal information will not be used for any purpose other than to inform you about the event, and we will take every precaution to protect it.

Contact information
Planning Division, River Department, Bureau of Construction
Tel: 03-5320-5425
Email: S0000384(at)
*The email address has been changed to prevent spam.
Please replace (at) with @ when using the email address.

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