We will start publishing information on the regulating pond.

Wind and flood damage

To provide easy-to-understand information on river conditions that will lead to swift evacuation for Tokyo residents, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is publishing rainfall, river water levels, and footage from river monitoring cameras on the Flood Disaster Prevention Integrated Information System and the Tokyo Flood Prevention Channel (YouTube).
Starting Tuesday, June 4, we will begin publishing information on the storage rates of regulating ponds and footage from intake cameras.
The aim is to enable people to check the inflow status of regulating ponds, which has a significant impact on the safety of the river basin, and to use this information to make decisions about voluntary evacuation, etc.
We will continue to expand the publication of this information in line with the development status of regulating ponds.

1 Adjustment pond open to the public

Storage rate

Furukawa Underground Adjustment Pond and 21 other locations (see attached list (PDF: 170KB))

Water intake camera footage

Irumagawa Diversion Channel and seven other locations (see attached list (PDF: 170KB))

2 Disclosure of reservoir storage rate – Tokyo Metropolitan Government Flood Disaster Prevention Information System

PC version

Smartphone version

3 Water intake camera footage

Tokyo Flood Control Channel (YouTube) (Link to external site)

*Videos are distributed on YouTube.


This project is a part of the ““Future Tokyo” Strategy“.
Strategy 8: Safe and secure city development strategy
“Promotion of infrastructure development to protect lives and livelihoods from flood damage”

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