Revision of Tokyo’s Flood Control Plan

Wind and flood damage

We would like to inform you that the Tokyo Flood Prevention Plan has been revised based on the report submitted by the Tokyo Flood Prevention Council (held on April 11, 2024).

1 ”Tokyo Flood Defense Plan”

The Tokyo Flood Defense Plan is a plan formulated in accordance with Article 7 of the Flood Defense Act in order to coordinate and smoothly implement flood defense operations.

2 Main changes

The main changes are as follows. For an overview, please see the attached document (PDF: 663KB).

  • FY2024 Update of areas requiring attention for flood prevention
  • New designation and operation of water level notification rivers (Yanase River, Karahori River, Narahashi River)
  • Flood occurrence information launched

3 Where to view the “2024 Tokyo Flood Prevention Plan”

  • (1)Citizens’ Information Room (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1, 3rd floor, south side)
  • (2)Bureau of Construction River Department “River Consultation Corner” (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 2, 6th floor, south side)
  • (3)River management office
  • (First Construction Office, Second Construction Office, Third Construction Office, Fourth Construction Office, Fifth Construction Office, Sixth Construction Office, Nishitama Construction Office, Minamitama East Construction Office, Minamitama West Construction Office, Kitatama South Construction Office, Kitatama North Construction Office, Koto Flood Control Office)
  • (4)Bureau of Construction website (Tokyo Flood Control Plan for FY2024)

Tokyo Flood Prevention Plan for FY2024

Contact information
Construction Bureau River Department Disaster Prevention Division
Tel: 03-5320-5164
Email: S000038(at)
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