Message from Mr. Nobu: Learning from his memoirs, The Great Kanto Earthquake (read by/navigator: Juri Ueno)

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The Great Kanto Earthquake is considered the worst natural disaster in Japan’s history.
On that day, September 1, 1923, what did Nobu see and how did he act? The decision of Mr. Nobu to evacuate hides hints that are still relevant today on how to act to protect lives in the event of a sudden catastrophe.

Related book] “The Great Kanto Earthquake: Tokyo Was a Disaster Area in 1923” (Japanese only)

In this video, we will learn the importance of disaster prevention and mutual aid by reading and understanding Mr. Nobu’s memoirs and reliving the Great Kanto Earthquake through the recitation and animated video.

Date of opening: June 19, 2023 (Monday) – March 31, 2028 (Friday)

Read by: Juri Ueno, Navigator

Animation: Masahiko Adachi

Supervision: Masayuki Takemura, Professor, Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University

  Masayuki Takemura, Specially Appointed Professor

Cooperation: Disaster Prevention Department, Tokyo Fire Department

  Sumida Film Commission

  Tokyo Memorial Association

  Sumida Museum of Local Culture

  Moromunezan Kaikyoin Temple

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