We’re updating you on the status of “Park Street Tokyo” initiatives! Promoting people-centered, walkable urban development

Wind and flood damage

In order to promote urban development that is centered on people rather than cars, Tokyo is working on the “Park Street Tokyo” initiative in cooperation with local organizations and local wards and cities.


To develop an integrated initiative to utilize road space and create a town where people can enjoy walking.

1.Plans for FY2024

(Figure 1)(PDF:109KB)

  • The initiative is planned to be implemented in 29 districts, including the ward roads along the Meguro River (Meguro Ward).
  • The program will be gradually rolled out in areas where local organizations and local wards and cities are carrying out activities.
  • We are still looking for participating organizations.

2.FY2023 Initiative Results

(Figure 2)(PDF:7,906KB)

  • The initiative was carried out in 28 districts, including the area east of Nishi-Kokubunji Station (Kokubunji City).

Main initiatives

  • Artificial turf was laid and the area is used as a place for children to socialize and where trains can be seen (Kokubunji City)
  • Terrace seating was installed to create a lively atmosphere (Taito Ward)

Status of initiatives in the area east of Nishi-Kokubunji Station (Kokubunji City)

Status of initiatives in Nakacho Street (Taito Ward)

PARK STREET TOKYO of the word is

This project is a part of the ““Future Tokyo” Strategy“.
Strategy 9: Strategy to further enhance the city’s functions

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