2023 Condominium Disaster Prevention Seminar

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Date:2023/07/01~2023/10/31Application deadline:2023/10/31

We have prepared a variety of seminars to help you learn how to prepare for damage specific to condominiums, such as the possible suspension of elevator and toilet use in the event of a disaster.

Seminars for group registration only

Course Outline (part of the 2023 Tokyo Disaster Prevention Seminar)

Course Theme Time
M1 Basics of condominium disaster prevention 60-90 min.
M2 Condominium disaster prevention promoted by everyone
I Consulting on condominium disaster prevention*. Maximum 240 minutes per dispatch

After listening to the issues and concerns of the organization, a theme is determined, and a disaster prevention specialist is dispatched up to two times to provide consulting that directly leads to a solution.

Implementation Method

M1 and M2 courses

Face-to-face, video delivery and DVD rental

Course I

Face-to-face (negotiable depending on the content of the consulting)

Application Period

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 – Tuesday, October 31, 2023
(Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting on Saturday, July 1, 2023)

Application Unit

Condominium management associations, neighborhood associations, disaster prevention associations, etc. in Tokyo

Scheduled Number of Courses

  • M1 and M2 Courses: 100 organizations in total
  • Course I: 15 organizations in total


Free of charge (if venue rental fees are required for face-to-face sessions, the applicant organization will be asked to bear the costs)

Application Method

Please fill out the application form below or fax it to the Tokyo Disaster Prevention Learning Seminar Office after filling out the application form for the 2023 Tokyo Disaster Prevention Learning Seminar.

Application should be sent to

Tokyo Disaster Prevention Learning Seminar Office (in Iota Co., Ltd.)
Fax: 03-6747-0861

Web application form: https://tokyo-bousai.online/

Other Details

For other details and courses other than M1, M2, and Course I, please refer to the “2023 Tokyo Disaster Prevention Seminar” page.

Seminars for Individuals

A separate seminar on condominium disaster prevention for individuals is scheduled in the fall of 2023.

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For inquiries regarding this page, please contact

Disaster Prevention Management Division, General Disaster Prevention Department, Bureau of General Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Phone: 03-5388-2549
E-mail address: S0000040 (at) section.metro.tokyo.jp (Change “at” to “@” to send)

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