We will significantly expand support for heat insulation and battery installation.Project to promote the spread of insulated and solar-powered homes that are disaster-resistant and contribute to health

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government is supporting the installation of solar power generation facilities and storage batteries to promote the spread of energy-saving and renewable energy housing towards the realization of Carbon Half by 2030.
To encourage insulation renovation efforts, the upper limit of support has been increased fourfold, and revisions have been made to make the program easier to use, such as additional subsidies for the installation of storage batteries. Applications for subsidy programs for fiscal year 2024 will begin on May 31.
There have been some changes to the subsidy requirements from last year, so please check the subsidy requirements for each program when applying.

Business summary

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Support will be provided as follows.
(For details, see the attached document (PDF: 462KB).)

Project to promote the spread of insulated and solar-powered homes that are disaster-resistant and contribute to health

Promotion of the introduction of solar power generation in homes


  • Installation of a solar power generation system (PV) (can also be installed separately)
  • Waterproofing work (existing apartment buildings and existing detached houses)
  • Mounting installation (apartments and existing detached houses)
  • Functional PV installation (additional subsidy)
  • Inverter Update
Promotion of the introduction of storage batteries in homes


  • Installation of battery storage system
  • Participate in demand response (DR) demonstration projects (note) when installing storage batteries (additional subsidies) (expanded this fiscal year)
  • Installation of IoT devices in existing storage batteries (DR demonstration participation is a condition)

[Note] This refers to a demonstration of demand response (DR) in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s residential aggregator.
For more information, please refer to [Residential] Aggregation Business Implementation Project (link to external site).

Promotion of insulation renovation for existing homes


  • Installation of highly insulated windows and doors
  • Insulating walls/floors, etc. (raising the upper limit)
  • Installation of highly insulated bathtubs (expanded this year)
Promotion of efficient use of heat and electricity


  • Installation of solar heat utilization system and geothermal heat utilization system
  • Installation of an eco-friendly water heater (when using solar power)
  • Auxiliary heat source units, heat pump air conditioner upgrades
Project to promote the spread of V2H in detached houses


  • Installation of V2H (charging equipment for supplying electricity from batteries installed in electric vehicles, etc.)

In conjunction with the installation of the above equipment, we will take out insurance against defects in renovations.

Changes from last year

ExpansionThe upper limit for insulation renovations of walls, floors, etc. will be raised.
ExpansionAdditional subsidies will be provided for new installations of storage batteries, on the condition that the installation participates in a demand response demonstration project.
NewSubsidies will be provided for the installation of IoT devices in existing storage batteries, on the condition that the customer participates in a demand response demonstration project.
NewSubsidies for the installation of highly insulated bathtubs will be provided only to existing homes.
NewWhen installing eligible equipment, subsidies will be provided for taking out renovation defect insurance.
look overWe will review the classification of functional PV.

Budget size

Approximately 68.3 billion yen

Various Schedules

Publication of subsidy guidelines for each project

Friday, May 17, 2024

Advance applications now being accepted

Friday, May 31, 2024

Briefing session on the project and application procedures

Scheduled for Thursday, June 13th and Friday, June 14th, 2024 [online event]
*Details on how to apply for the information session, the time of the session, etc. will be posted on the project website around the end of May.

Start of accepting applications and performance reports

Friday, June 28, 2024

Application acceptance

Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Public Corporation, a public interest incorporated foundation
Tokyo Metropolitan Center for Promotion of Activities to Prevent Global Warming (nickname: Cool Net Tokyo)
17th floor, Shinjuku NS Building, 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0817

Business homepage

For more details, please visit Cool Net Tokyo – Project to Promote Disaster-Resistant and Solar-Powered Homes that Contribute to Health (link to external site) or scan the QR code.

This project is a part of the “Future Tokyo Strategy.”
Strategy 14: “Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy”

Contact information
(Regarding the subsidy system)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment, Climate Change Division, Home Energy Policy Division
Tel: 03-5388-3533
(Regarding application acceptance)
Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Public Corporation
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Global Warming Prevention Activities Promotion Center (Cool Net Tokyo)
(Insulation renovation)
Tel: 03-6659-3408
(Battery storage system)
Tel: 03-6659-3409
Tel: 050-3155-5646
(Heat utilization equipment)
Tel: 03-5990-5086
Tel: 03-6659-3467
(Solar power generation equipment)
Tel: 03-6659-3420


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