“Disaster prevention training for neighborhood associations and condominiums”Supporting the building of community ties through joint disaster prevention training


Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to improve disaster prevention capabilities in the region by implementing joint disaster prevention drills between neighborhood associations, community groups, and apartment buildings, allowing residents to get to know each other, work together on activities, and build and strengthen connections. The joint disaster prevention drills will help neighborhood associations and neighboring apartment buildings build relationships that will enable them to help each other in times of emergency. We look forward to receiving applications from neighborhood associations and community groups.

1 Eligible organizations

30 single neighborhood associations and community associations located in Tokyo
*Groups that have been registered and recognized as neighborhood associations and community associations by wards, cities, towns, and villages in Tokyo, such as by submitting notifications to those wards, cities, towns, and villages
*Does not include single community associations that are made up of only households living in collective housing (condominiums, apartment complexes, apartment buildings, etc.)

2 Apartments that can be linked

Condominiums with management associations (up to 3)

3 What is the “Neighborhood Association/Condominium Disaster Prevention Training”?

  • In preparation for the joint disaster prevention drill, joint meetings (2 times) and a preparatory lecture (disaster prevention lecture) were held.
  • In order to build connections between residents and improve local disaster prevention capabilities, various types of training can be carried out, such as soup kitchen training, training in the use of AEDs and portable toilets, initial firefighting training, and disaster prevention walking tours.
  • After the training, we provide an opportunity for reflection.
  • The metropolitan government will work with wards, cities, towns, and villages, as well as fire departments, to provide detailed support for planning, preparation, and hosting the event.
  • *The operation of this project will be outsourced to a private company.
  • *The results of the training will be shared with wards, cities, towns, and villages, neighborhood associations, and local community associations.

4 申請期間

 Application acceptance periodDisaster prevention training period
1stJune 24 (Monday) – July 5 (Friday)October 1st (Tuesday) to February 16th (Sunday), 2025
2stAugust 19 (Monday) to August 30 (Friday)
3stTuesday, September 24th – Friday, October 4thNovember 1st (Friday) – February 16th (Sunday)

5 Application method, etc.

Applications will be accepted by email.
For more details, please visit the Life, Culture and Sports Bureau website.

This project is a part of the “Future Tokyo Strategy.”
Strategy 7: A strategy that values ​​”homes” and “communities”
“Community revitalization project”

Contact information:
Citizens’ Lifestyle Department, Culture, Sports Bureau, Regional Activities Promotion Division
Tel: 03-5388-3166


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