Applications are now open for condominium improvement work grants


Tokyo Metropolitan Government is implementing a subsidy system (interest subsidy) in cooperation with the Japan Housing Finance Agency to support management associations so that the maintenance, management, and repairs of condominiums can be carried out properly and smoothly (see attached document [Summary of the subsidy] (PDF: 343KB)).
We would like to inform you that we will be accepting applications again this year as detailed below.

1 Application period

From Monday, May 13, 2024 to Friday, February 21, 2025

*Postmarks on the day are valid

(However, applications will be closed when the number of applications reaches the number of available units.)

2 How to apply

At the counter or by mail

3 Delivery address and reception location

2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 2, 13th floor, central, Private Housing Department, Housing Policy Headquarters, Apartment Division

4 Number of units available

5,000 units

5 How to obtain the pamphlet and distribution locations

(1)Available via download

You can download it from the Homepage of the Housing Policy Headquarters.


Brochures are available at the following locations (from Monday, May 13th onwards).

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 2, 13th floor (Housing Policy Headquarters, Private Housing Department, Apartment Division (Tel: 03-5320-7532))
  • Housing department of each ward, city, town, and village (excluding islands)
  • Japan Housing Finance Agency (Japan Housing Finance Agency)

6 Application Eligibility

  • (1)It must be a management association for a fire-resistant condominium located within Tokyo.
  • (2)The project requires the receipt of a “renovation loan for common areas of an apartment building” from the Japan Housing Finance Agency and a debt guarantee from the Apartment Management Center, a public interest incorporated foundation.
  • (3)The loan repayment method will be equal monthly installments of principal and interest.
  • (4)If this is your second or subsequent application under this system, and you received improvement guidance regarding management regulations, long-term repair plans, etc. at the time of your previous application (if more than 10 years have passed), those improvement guidance items must have been improved.
  • (5)For apartment buildings built to the old earthquake resistance standards (apartments that received construction confirmation before May 31, 1981), the following earthquake resistance inspections must be carried out.
    • If this is your first time applying under this system
      • Seismic diagnosis using either a simple seismic diagnosis (equivalent to the first stage diagnosis method), the second stage diagnosis method, or the third stage diagnosis method
    • If this is your second or subsequent application under this system
      • Earthquake resistance diagnosis using the second or third stage diagnosis method
      • A simple seismic assessment was conducted and it was determined that the required seismic resistance is secured against the expected earthquake motion.
        ※Each diagnostic method is based on the Apartment Building Earthquake Resistance Manual (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, June 2007)
  • (6)Condominiums that are required to be notified under the “Tokyo Condominium Management Promotion Ordinance” must notify the management status. However, this does not apply if, at the time of applying for interest subsidy, a request is made to notify the management status by the time of application for interest subsidy amount determination, and this request is fulfilled.

Contact information
Housing Policy Headquarters, Private Housing Department, Apartment Division
Tel: 03-5320-7532
Email: S1090503(at)
*The email address has been changed to prevent spam.
Please replace (at) with @ when using the email address.


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